Tempted Irish Craft Cider

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Once upton a time there was a man called Davy Uprichard, who had an idea... He had been growing plants for a living but now he wanted to make something people would like to drink too. What was grown locally in his native Northern Ireland that could be made into something Davy would like produce? 

The Answer: Armagh Apples could be made into cider! 

So in 2009 Davy set up 'dj's juice and cider', built his purpose built Cidery at his home outside Lisburn and started pressing apples. Davy carefully blended Armagh's finest desert and Bramley apple juices until he was satisfied that he had a juice that tasted just right. While some of the juice was left to ferment, the rest was bottled straight away, and sold as dj's juice. Since dj's juice is a pure pressed apple juice with no water or preservatives added, it has been described as 'just like drinking apples'. Try it and we're sure you will agree. 

In 2010, Davy produced his first cider, using skills he learned while making wine with his father, Jim, many years before. Two years later, he won the Gold Award in the Cider Category at the National Irish Food Awards for his Strawberry Cider! And so, Tempted? Cider was born, with logos and labels designed by daughter Sara. 

With production of Tempted? Irish Craft Cider increasing each year, Davy's dream has become a business for the whole family.

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