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Meet the Brewery - Trouble Brewing


Stephen Clinch, of Trouble Brewing in Co. Kildare, sat down with us to chat about their brewery and its success since founding in 2010. We spoke about them going from strength to strength and the outlook on continued growth for the future.

Stephen also gave us a taste of what Trouble Brewing will be bringing to the fair, although he did keep a few surprises up his sleeve!

1.    When was the company founded and by whom?

The brewery was set up in 2010 by Cousins Paul O Connor and Stephen Clinch along with their good friend Thomas Prior.

2.    How has it developed?  

The brewery has developed very well over the last seven years, we have produced over sixty beers of different styles and varieties. At the same time going from a small team of three in a tiny warehouse to a team of eight great people, in a much bigger space.

3.    How many products do you currently produce and can you tell us what you'll have at the fair? 

Our core range contains five bottle beers: Graffiti, Session Pale Ale/Dark Arts, Porter/Sabotage IPA/Kill Lager, Deception and Golden Ale. We also have a couple of bottle specials: The Grove, Mango DIPA, Weiss City Strawberry Berliner Weiss.

On draft at the festival we will have 
            1.) Graffiti Pale Ale               2.) Remix IPL             3.) Dark Arts Porter              4.) Sabotage IPA 
            5.) Ambush 2.0 Pale Ale       6.) Weiss City Raspberry     7.) Collab (TBC)        8.) Special TBC                     

4.    What is your most recent product development? 

Some of our more recent specials include Weiss City a Raspberry Berliner Weiss and Ambush a Juicy Pale Ale, both of which we will have at the festival along with another couple of surprises!

5.    And is there anything else planned in the future? 

We are always working on developing new beers in the brewery, we have a couple of things in the pipeline but wouldn't want to give too much away.

6.    How many stockists do you have in Ireland?

Any pub or off-licence worth its salt has our beer on the bar or shelf!

7.    Can you buy any of your beer overseas? 

We export to a couple of countries at the moment, but we expect that number to grow substantially over the coming years.

8.    What are you looking forward to most at our fair this month? 

It is always a fantastic event to catch up with people from the other breweries and a great opportunity to have a pint with the people that are drinking our beer, not something we always get to do.